EEE Special Featured Guests!

Mz. Jewcee is ECSTATIC to ANNOUNCE The 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience’s Special Featured Guests…

This couple is blazing a trail of Erotica all over the world! …and will make their first appearance in the Midwest at the…1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience!

From Florida to Jamaica to London to Puerto Rico…they are making an Erotic mark for themselves! They are the up and cumming stars in the Adult Entertainment business!

She…is a certified SexPert and contributing product reviewer for California Exotics. She has traveled the country hosting SexEd Workshops and highlighting the more erotic side of sensuality through Fantasy Flight parties. She places a strong emphasis on empowering, enhancing and redefining sexuality for singles and couples. Jasmine’s high-spirited & unconventional approach to intimacy issues has allowed client’s to explore and address many of their deeply rooted barriers, as well as accept and normalize fetishes.

He…is dedicated to delivering individualized relaxation to clients through the use of Erotic Touch. King has spent 12 years in the Adult Entertainment industry, including Fetish Training & Fantasy work and live shows. King is also a certified Sexpert & Blogger for California Exotics.

Award Winning and HIGHLY sought after…this couple is taking Sensual Sexy Erotica to another LEVEL!



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1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience

Are you ready…? 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience is just around the corner!  Do you have your tickets? Do you have your hotel room?

You might want to JUMP on this bandwagon…cause we are leaving the ‘vanilla’ way behind! Cum take a walk on the Erotic side!

April 21 – 23, 2017  Holiday Inn Conference Center ~ 500 Holiday Plaza Drive, Matteson, IL

Use Code: JTP to get our $89 a night room rate.

For tickets:


Wicked Wednesdays ~ 1/11/17

Join Mz. Jewcee and some of her Erotic Friends for an evening of Erotic Chat, Education, Games and so much more!

Starting Wednesday, January 11, 2017 ~ Cum Get Wicked!  Doors Open at 7pm – Classes start at 8pm! Grab your girls and join us!  …nothing like getting Wicked on a Wednesday…


Mz JewCee presents Erotica 101 (toys included)
Wicked Wednesdays Chicago!


Here is the Jewcee Schedule for the next 5 Wicked Wednesdays:

January 11th – Jewcee Grab Bag – Introductory Session to the Wonderful World of Sex! Let’s TALK about Women’s Sexual Health. How can we improve it? What are some of your questions about a Healthy Sex Life?

January 18th – Jewcee Boutique Adult Toy & Lingerie Party – Educational & Fun look at a Home Shopping Parties! Jewcee Boutique will be set-up and ready to Enhance the Romance. Play games, learn about the products and win prizes!

January 25th – Submission 101 – The Sensual Side to Submission. Get ready to learn how to be a Strong Woman and submit. Mz. Jewcee is known for eliminating the myths of the BDSM world and showing just how Erotic this world can be! You bring an open mind and Mz. Jewcee will bring the handcuffs…lol! ~ This Session will be filmed by Keith Purvis of The Junction Group for a mini Documentary NOTE: Faces will be blurred out for those ladies that do not wish to be seen, but would like to attend.~

February 1st – Jewcee Roll Play – Learn how Roll Playing can Enhance the Romance. Want to jump start your relationship…this is a Great way to do so. Let’s talk about the different ways that Roll Playing can bring a little spark to your relationship! Two (2) lucky Ladies will be selected to participate in a little Roll Play Experiment. …don’t worry, if selected you will be able to switch back to your normal self after the session…if you want to… You’re going to have to attend to find out what is going to happen!!!

February 8th – A Very Jewcee Intimacy Session – Can your relationship pass the test? Find out with some fun facts and tips to keep your relationship HOT and guess what…SEX is not answer to the question…hhmmm

Mz. Jewcee Special Guest on Wordsexy Radio

Mz. Jewcee will be LIVE on Blog Talk Radio! Cum talk to her! 

Take a listen as Mz. Jewcee is the Top Secret Special Guest on: Wordsexy Radio! You can call in and ask questions and well as be a part of the Adult Conversation!

Plan on TUNING IN: Monday, November 14, 2016 ~ 8pm (CST) 9pm (EST)

Call in: 607-203-5267



Taste Me

I love it…

…when you…

Taste Mcater-to-youe…

              Licking your lips… Tasting me so ~

Kissing my legs, touching me slow…

Undressing me from head to toe ~

              Caressing my nipples…

              Sucking my lips, eating me so ~

 Can’t take much more…

I’m about to explode ~

Taking your tongue out, fingering me ~ oh…  Tasting every bit of me, taking control..

 Pleasing me ~ Touching me…  Sucking me slow ~©

By: Delissa Ward

*****Jewcee Tales Erotic Greeting Cards*****


Company of 2

…when the company of 1 is not all you desire…

~ lets try something new… lets try the company of 2 ~ 

Company of 2

It took 2 to satisfy my sexual soul. Being with 1 was getting quite old. Feeling hands all over me, brought a fiery rush to my anxious body.

Being free to feel twice the pleasure ~ twice the kisses, twice the loving…

No other event could ever measure…


Both coming on strong trying to prove their worth ~ Planting their seeds in me like I’m their Mother Earth.

This is not the time for either 1 of us to hold back ~ This is the ultimate adventure so we must all relax ~ A stroke here, a brush there, touches and deep glances… When this moment is complete will we partake in other chances?

Receiving sexual blessings from a different light, becoming addicted to the view… Knowing I’m lucky with my special connection and enjoying my Company of 2…

~Karma Eve~ 

~ Jewcee Tales Erotic Greeting Cards ~

My Desire

My desire will soon be home.  …a surprise is in store for my desire this evening.  It is time – n8053o it’s past time – to show my desire the affection it deserves.

The door opens and in walks my desire.  My heart races as my desire moves closer to me – for only I know what events will transpire in just a few short moments.  I will possess
all that my desire has to offer.

I reach for your hand as I lead you up the stairs.  I push open the bathroom door and watch the expression on your face.  You take in the sight that is before you.  Your surprise is evident – your joy displayed by the glint in your eye.  Kissing you lightly on the cheek, I lead you into our haven of pleasure for the evening. 

The light scent of vanilla is enticing our scenes.  I let go of your hand.  You’re now standing in the middle of the room.  I begin to undress you slowly and deliberately.    My every move is to arouse your passion.  One by one your garments fall lifelessly to the floor.  The anticipation of seeing you naked before me has heightened my own arousal…

My desire will soon be bare.  No clothing to impede the lust that wishes to be released.  Nothing to stop the flow of passion from dripping into my mouth.  My desire will be wet and wanting.  The taste will be sweet like nectar.  I have waited all day for my desire.

As I slide your panties down your thick thighs, my desire is revealed…©

Ease Your Mind

…tonight I want to… ~ease your mind~

Close your eyes, breathe10710861_851332518230623_1539226999140694298_n in deeply, let me take you on a trip. Forget about the worries of the day…ease your mind into my thoughts…

…imagine me nude before you…in the position of total submission. …my head bowed. …my ass raised…and you walk up behind me.

…the room is a glow from candles…the scent of vanilla engulfs our senses…my pussy is wet as I reach between my thick thighs – fingering my clit. You watch speechless…your arousal growing.

…my moans are soft as my ass moves rhythmically to my own internal beat…my eyes close as I picture you standing behind me…watching – waiting – your mind easing into eroticism.

…I cannot quench the lust I feel. Your eyes never leave my wetness. The day is a faded memory as I turn on my back…your erection is evident as you ease down your zipper…

…my seduction is working… I open my legs wide and invite you inside…first your fingers…then your tongue…and finally your manhood…

…I whisper these few words to you, as you push so slowly and deeply inside of me, “Have I eased your mind?”

~Jewcee Tales Erotic Greeting Cards~

Get Your Tickets ~ 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience



We’re just getting started and look at who will be at the 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience…

There is NO WHERE ON EARTH that you would get to be a part of an Exotic Experience with these 3 POWERFULLY EROTIC TRAIL BLAZERS for: $25 (Friday Only Ticket) $30 (Saturday Only Ticket) $40 (BOTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY Ticket)…



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