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Our Events…

Mz. JewCee  of  JTP Lifestyle Events (JewCee Tales Posse) promises to give our guests a time to remember.  Our Events are packed full of Sexy Erotic Fun! We offer opportunities to meet like-minded singles and couples in an atmosphere that is based in Eroticism. Our goal is to ensure that our guests have an adventure that is filled with Education, Enjoyment and Eroticism!

Mz. JewCee enjoys educating people in the wonderful world of fetishes, sexual pleasure, submission and everything else JewCee!  Our Events are tailored for those that want to be enlightened in their erotic journey, as well as those that wish to enjoy an erotic atmosphere.

JTP Lifestyle Events is capable of hosting Events within our own organization and/or assisting our clientele in putting on an Erotic Event of their own! We pride ourselves on being able to Erotically Enhance that old boring event and take it up an Erotic notch or two…

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JTP Lifestyle Events include open and honest sexual discussion with a Q&A session for all curious attendees. Mz. JewCee also offers LIVE demonstrations to the audience and may even invite attendees to participate. Our Events are themed to add a touch of mystery and to allow our participants to leave behind their ‘vanilla persona’ so that they may tap into their Erotic Side! 

We Keep You Engaged…

JTP Lifestyle Events keep things sexy and rocking for the entire Event! We are an on-premise and/or off-premise Event organization. In addition, JTP Lifestyle Events will always have a welcoming Erotic Ambassador to ensure that all Event rules and policies are explained clearly. We also have security on site to ensure that Everyone has the safest experience possible. JTP Lifestyle Events are Private – Invitation Only Events. JTP Lifestyle Events prides itself on discretion for those that wish to enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Mz. JewCee and her Erotic Team are Excited to Enhance your next Event or…see YOU at ours!

Want to SPICE-UP your next Event?

Let JTP Lifestyle Events add just a dash of Eroticism!

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Past Events

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