JTP Lifestyle Events


What’s it all about?

Mz JewCee and JTP Lifestyle Events promises to give your guests a time to remember.  She and the JewCee team will bring sexy fun and excitement while educating you all about the art of eroticism to your doorstep. JTP Lifestyle Events is a mobile event service.  If you didn’t know, Mz JewCee is a dominatrix who offers classes on submission, fetishes, sexual pleasure and everything else JewCee!


JTP Lifestyle Events include open and honest sexual discussion with a Q&A session for all curious attendees. Mz JewCee also offers LIVE demonstrations to the audience and may even invite attendees to participate. Imagine the stories at the water cooler the next day! Mz JewCee will also deliver select products from her own stimulation and lingerie line (JewCee Boutique) and demonstrations will also be given for these.

What Else?

JTP Lifestyle Events and Mz JewCee keep things sexy and rocking for the entire duration of the scheduled time. All attendees may also feast their eyes on our attractive ebony models for a full out fashion show featuring apparel from the JewCee Boutique line. Mz JewCee has it all for women AND men. Let the latex and lace flow…




How to Get Mz JewCee at your next gathering?

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Past And Future Events

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