A Broken Heart

Many of us have suffered a broken heart at one time or another. The tears flow. We may over eat or not eat at all. Some people are unable to get out of bed. Some individuals destroy property. …and some people take their own lives. Then there are those “strong” individuals who act as if nothing has happened and forward they move with their ‘brokenness’ locked tightly away.

However you choose to deal with the break up of a relationship, you must remember – no matter how ‘strong’ you appear to be on the outside, there are steps to healing a broken heart.

Each person heals differently. Some people are “quick” to move on, while others take a longer period of time to move forward. The amount of time or the amount of commitment may play a factor in how much time you need to heal. …but heal you must in order to truly be able to move forward.

For a lot of us, our relationship ending is just like the death of a family member. There are relationships in which you can see the end is near and there are relationships that slowly fizzle over time and there are relationships that end before they really get started. Whatever the length of time, if you have invested your time, energy, effort and money into your relationship, the probability that you will be hurt when it ends is very likely. …unless of course your not that invested in the relationship and that could be the reason its over.

Much like the death of a loved one, the death of a relationship can affect us the same way. There are so many emotions raging at one time when a life ends and when a relationship ends…(if you take a deeper look, your relationship is a LIFE form). We can grieve over a failed relationship just like a lost loved one.

5 Stages of Grieving:

  • denial
  • anger
  • bargaining
  • depression
  • acceptance

I write this today for those of you that are going through a difficult time in your relationship. I write this for those of you that are struggling with the end of a relationship and your wondering why you are feeling the way you do.

As in everything on this earth, there is a ‘process’ – a ‘formula’. Now that you know what the process/formula is, you can better navigate your way towards acceptance and moving forward. You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been

…and believe me when I say, A LOT OF US HAVE BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP THAT DID NOT WORK OUT.…so you are not alone. Time will allow your broken heart to heal. Understanding your feelings will allow you to recover in a manner that is productive and meaningful.

Sexually Evolving

Everyone’s Sexual Journey is their very own ~ with a large dose of “society” added…

The ‘fear’ of not being sexually accepted runs deep within all of us. So deep that some people deny their sexuality and/or hide their true sexuality. In addition, people are changing their sexual identity and appetite, to finally become sexually free.

Have we as the human race evolved sexually or are we still in denial of our sexuality? A majority of sexual acts have existed since the beginning of time. Many have been subjected to negative connotations by individuals who by ignorance, repulsion, religious (misguided) beliefs or any combination of reasons; shame, embarrass, humiliate those individuals that are comfortable with their sexuality.

Inclusiveness is a slow process, especially when you are trying to change the minds of those that will grip the past to their death. I always wonder why do people get so involved in other people’s sex lives?

Why are people so concerned over a woman who’s has consented to being spanked when it comes to the BDSM Lifestyle (VERY different from being beaten or abused – this is non consensual).

There are all kinds of fetishes and Lifestyles that would make the “Holier-than-thou” do more than blush… From Swingers to BDSM to the LBGTQ Community, those that feel they have some sort of ‘moral compass obligation” to right these hedonistic expressions of pleasure, find a way to make their priorities known without one ounce of compassion or tangible evidence that their way is the only way to function sexually.

We have Evolved but, we still have a long way to go. More work needs to be done with regards to Sexual Freedom without judgement. If a sexual act is not for you, there is no need to berate someone else (unless it is an illegal act and/or causes unwanted/unwarranted physical, mental or psychological abuse/damage to a person).

We want people to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest without negative comments and the feeling of shame that is sometimes projected on to them by others. Allowing someone to grow in their sexuality is a healthy way of self expression. Evolving is something we should ALL be doing as the Human Race. Antiquated ideals of days gone by, should be eliminated from our various cultures.

Evolving means: “To develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.” Human Sexuality has moved far beyond the boundaries of the Missionary Position or only have Coitus to impregnate a woman.

We must Evolve Sexually,  as research has shown, our Sexual Health is extremely important to our well being…

We’re Just Strangers With Some Memories

We all go through relationship ups and downs. We break up, we make up and then we break up again ~ only to wonder where did it all go wrong. Questioning why I wasn’t present as my relationship fell apart  …or was I and I didn’t want to see what was happening.

Your internal struggle to make sense of the loss can go on for a short period of time or a long period of time – (this is when your friends and family step in and tell you to get over her/him).  It’s never quite that easy. …especially when you have invested time, energy, money and your heart.

Some relationships just become systematically boring over time  No matter how you attempt to spice it up, it is still mundane and passionless. Believe it or not, even the Best Sex can become boring when the routine and/or the passion is lost or the desire to be with your partner has vanished.

Some people watch their relationship die right before their eyes and have no more fight left to attempt to revive it. They let “nature” take its course. Some folks take the easy way out and simply walk away with no explanation. Either they don’t want to argue or they don’t want to be talked into giving a passionless relationship another chance.

When you feel that you’re not friends, you’re not enemies ~ you’re just strangers with some memories it is time to move on. It takes some of us longer than others to realize this transition, but once we do, returning to the mundane is not an option. …and that is ok.

You need to be happy within the confines of your relationship. People do grow a part. There is nothing wrong with Loving yourself first. Especially when you don’t feel that Love from your partner. 

Keep It Simple…

Do you know the importance of keeping the “fires” burning in your relationship?


As we become ‘comfortable’ with the person that we have been pursuing, we tend to forget the little things that brought us to this point. We get caught up in everyday life and outside influences
that takes our minds and spirits off of HOME.
REMEMBER: The way to keep that spark lit does not have to be ‘expensive’ or ‘large’ ~ it can be the little things like:
TRY THIS: A hand written note to remind your partner how much they mean to you. In other words…forget Hallmark – forget texting or emailing. Slip the note in their briefcase or inside their laptop, in a coat pocket or a purse… Keep It Simple and to the point…and watch the reaction.
Enjoy ~ Enlighten ~ Embrace ~ Eroticism
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