My Desire

My desire will soon be home.  …a surprise is in store for my desire this evening.  It is time – n8053o it’s past time – to show my desire the affection it deserves.

The door opens and in walks my desire.  My heart races as my desire moves closer to me – for only I know what events will transpire in just a few short moments.  I will possess
all that my desire has to offer.

I reach for your hand as I lead you up the stairs.  I push open the bathroom door and watch the expression on your face.  You take in the sight that is before you.  Your surprise is evident – your joy displayed by the glint in your eye.  Kissing you lightly on the cheek, I lead you into our haven of pleasure for the evening. 

The light scent of vanilla is enticing our scenes.  I let go of your hand.  You’re now standing in the middle of the room.  I begin to undress you slowly and deliberately.    My every move is to arouse your passion.  One by one your garments fall lifelessly to the floor.  The anticipation of seeing you naked before me has heightened my own arousal…

My desire will soon be bare.  No clothing to impede the lust that wishes to be released.  Nothing to stop the flow of passion from dripping into my mouth.  My desire will be wet and wanting.  The taste will be sweet like nectar.  I have waited all day for my desire.

As I slide your panties down your thick thighs, my desire is revealed…©

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