Ease Your Mind

…tonight I want to… ~ease your mind~

Close your eyes, breathe10710861_851332518230623_1539226999140694298_n in deeply, let me take you on a trip. Forget about the worries of the day…ease your mind into my thoughts…

…imagine me nude before you…in the position of total submission. …my head bowed. …my ass raised…and you walk up behind me.

…the room is a glow from candles…the scent of vanilla engulfs our senses…my pussy is wet as I reach between my thick thighs – fingering my clit. You watch speechless…your arousal growing.

…my moans are soft as my ass moves rhythmically to my own internal beat…my eyes close as I picture you standing behind me…watching – waiting – your mind easing into eroticism.

…I cannot quench the lust I feel. Your eyes never leave my wetness. The day is a faded memory as I turn on my back…your erection is evident as you ease down your zipper…

…my seduction is working… I open my legs wide and invite you inside…first your fingers…then your tongue…and finally your manhood…

…I whisper these few words to you, as you push so slowly and deeply inside of me, “Have I eased your mind?”

~Jewcee Tales Erotic Greeting Cards~

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