Company of 2

…when the company of 1 is not all you desire…

~ lets try something new… lets try the company of 2 ~ 

Company of 2

It took 2 to satisfy my sexual soul. Being with 1 was getting quite old. Feeling hands all over me, brought a fiery rush to my anxious body.

Being free to feel twice the pleasure ~ twice the kisses, twice the loving…

No other event could ever measure…


Both coming on strong trying to prove their worth ~ Planting their seeds in me like I’m their Mother Earth.

This is not the time for either 1 of us to hold back ~ This is the ultimate adventure so we must all relax ~ A stroke here, a brush there, touches and deep glances… When this moment is complete will we partake in other chances?

Receiving sexual blessings from a different light, becoming addicted to the view… Knowing I’m lucky with my special connection and enjoying my Company of 2…

~Karma Eve~ 

~ Jewcee Tales Erotic Greeting Cards ~

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