How Many People Do You Have In Your Bedroom…?

Mz. Jewcee has met thousands of people over the years to talk about SEX. However, she is noticing that so many are stuck in a rut when it comes to SEX! Couples especially…

When it comes to sex it appears that the conversation becomes stuck in our throats about what we really want to obtain from the physical act. The lack of talking about sex becomes so overwhelming that we don’t actually reach our full potential of pleasure.

Mz. Jewcee took some time to think about why this happening. Why are individuals and couples not as fulfilled in their sexual relationship as they should be? …and it dawned on her…


Now this isn’t to say that the ‘people’ are “physically” in the room while you and your partner are having sex…but their ideals are…. We tend to take our friends, family, church folk, co-workers and even strangers – opinions of sex to the bedroom with us…causing a lot of OVER-CROWDING when it comes time to actually have sex.

When you host as many adult toy party’s as Mz. Jewcee has, you begin to see a trend, especially among women in the room. …and what is really sad to Mz. Jewcee is, these women believe that they have thought of all this negativity towards sex all on their own. When in fact, they are simply living out what they have heard from ‘others’. Unwilling or too scared to attempt to try something that has been put on the TABOO list – by ‘others’.

From not sucking dick to NO ANAL sex to forget about adding another female to the bedroom from time to time…. Yeah…NONE OF THIS is going down.

Mz. Jewcee is attempting to EMPOWER women with KNOWLEDGE and doing certain sexual acts so that they enjoy what they are stepping in to. Mz. Jewcee is breaking down the walls of an oppressed sex life with the ladies…showing them that they are living out someones elses perception of the ‘perfect sex life’ and thus the reason they are not fulfilled – nor are they fulfilling their partner.

Walking away from the familiar is never easy, but in the long run it is very much worth it. Freeing yourself sexually from the chains that bind your creativity in the bedroom can only liberate you and assist your personal relationship with your partner. This bond can be one of the strongest bonds you can encounter.

…so the next time you say NO to something that your partner might be interested in trying. Stop and think for a moment… Is this YOU saying no ~ or the “other people” that you have allowed to influence your sexual happiness saying no.  …believe me when I say…they probably are not speaking from a place of actual knowledge and are just speaking from a place of ignorance (for lack of a better term).

In closing… Enjoy ~Enlighten ~ Embrace ~ Eroticism!



A Blowjob A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, According To Research

I found this to be very interesting. Mz. Jewcee over the years has heard a lot of excuses from women about not giving blowjobs.  …thought this article might change some of their minds or at least allow them the opportunity to think about it…hhmmm

What are your thoughts on the information below:

HeterSemen Nutrition Facts.jpgosexual ladies of the world:

Ready for a mouthful of vitamins, minerals, and endorphins?

All you have to do is open wide, curl your lips over your teeth, and give your boyfriend a blowjob. Yes, you read that correctly…

A blowjob.

Surprisingly, semen is packed with nutrients — the same kind you might pay 10-25 bucks for in the supplement aisle at CVS.

Spermatozoa released by the testes accounts for less than 5% of the semen’s composition — meaning the vast majority of gooey liquid you jet out isn’t sperm. Researchers have found that remaining 95% is a whole mix of compounds that are extremely good for you. Things like:

– Vitamin C
– Protein
– Vitamin B12
– Enzymes
– Lipids

Oh, but there’s more. Check out the nutritional value table of semen below. Note: it’s based on a larger “sample size” since the amount of nutrients per serving (or 1 load) is trace.

On top of that, semen contains mood-enhancers like serotonin, estrone, oxytocin, melatonin, and cortisol–all of which promote euphoria and relaxation.

A recent study at the SUNY-Albany campus even found that semen could provide cures for morning sickness in pregnant women, as well as lower her risk for miscarriage.

In order to receive the full range of health benefits, semen must be “consumed” either orally or vaginally. No word on future studies aiming to prove the benefits of semen facials…but we remain hopeful.

Now before you get all excited, don’t go promoting your penis as a free daily multi-vitamin just yet. There are always conditions…

Just like the boys, women have a blend of super-nutrients in their juice, too. Turns out many proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and other acids similar to what is found in semen can be found in female discharge as well.

That means your girlfriend can tell you to “just go down because it’s good for you” the same way you might.

The second condition is a bit more serious.

While our juices pack a health-boosting punch, it’s no secret that they can also carry sexually transmitted infections and viruses like HIV, Hepatitis B+C, herpes and Chlamydia in those who are infected. If you bleed when brushing your teeth or have other signs of poor gum health, your risk of contracting one of these diseases is even higher.

The simple answer to this? Only share “sex substances” with people who are tested, trustworthy, or are in a monogamous relationship with. That’s the best way to guarantee you get the good stuff, not the bad.

Want to get a blowjob today? Hide all your vitamins, then share this article with your lady.

Turns out men weren’t lying when saying, “don’t worry baby… semen is good for you.” Who would’ve thought?