Are You Sexually Informed?

Do you consider yourself to be Sexually Informed? Are you open to NEW Sexual Horizons or are you stuck in a rut? How do you keep your relationship FRESH & EXCITING?

With so much information available regarding sex now-a-days, one would think that no one is sexually uneducated, but you would be surprised the number of people that are. Talking about sex is still an awkward conversation to have and Mz. Jewcee has seen the proof each time she does a show…

We are still very under enlightened when it comes to sex and talking about it openly and honestly still makes certain people squirm in their seats!  In addition, there are a lot of people that have a lot of misinformation when it comes to sex as well. From not knowing their bodies to not knowing how to be satisfied.  …and let me just say this ~ it’s not just women that are sexually frustrated because they don’t know their bodies – men too have the same issue.

Why is that, especially in this day in age with sex so prevalent on the internet and in media, one would think that we have FINALLY arrived at the sexual revolution! …but we have not… There are still too many folk that are not educated in desire and what satisfies them sexually. There are still women that believe that the only time to have sex is to further the human race. There are still men out there that know how to cum, but are missing out on that intimacy that comes along with having a strong and solid relationship.

So how do we fix this? How do we make this better? KEEP EDUCATING and INFORMING! Allow yourself the opportunity to have an open mind when it comes to sex. Be willing to learn new things and try new ideals in order to keep your sexual relationship healthy. …and my favorite “ingredient” to add to this mixture of Eroticism, Enhancement and Sensuality is…COMMON SENSE!  Too often we look to someone else to give us the answer to our own personal questions about sex. We want a quick fix and/or solution. We are busy looking at our partner for our sexual satisfaction, yet not sharing with them what truly makes us satisfied.

Remember, that your satisfaction is based on you. If you don’t know what satisfies you, your partner won’t know either.



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