Monogamy is it Relevant?

This is a topic that ways on the mind of many. …there are a lot of questions and not a lot of clear-cut answers when you take in all of the variables that exist…woman-caught-cheating

Is monogamy a realistic expectation in today’s society? With sexual content everywhere how does one stay true? Stepping out on one’s partner seems to be the “norm” today and we are ‘shocked’ and in disbelief when we hear that someone has not cheated on their partner…

Daily we are all subject to conscious and unconscious sexual stimuli. From television to advertising to magazines to the internet – Sex Sells! Sex is everywhere from blatant/obvious stimuli to the more subtle approach of planting stimuli within range of our visual perception.

From cheating tv shows – that catch the partner in the act of cheating to cheating websites, we are constantly being bombarded with imagery that can ultimately lead us to being dishonest with our partner as well as with ourselves.

Are we setting our relationships up for failure when we speak the words, “…forsaking all others…”? Are we being open and honest in regards to our expectations when it comes to our partner being ‘faithful’ for years to come?

Mz. Jewcee believes that the world we live in today makes it very difficult not to cheat. There are those that have a strong constitution and are able to refrain from physically cheating, but may have cheated mentally.  …they go through the motions of their relationship, while all the while mentally they have left their relationship and moved on. In most cases once you leave mentally the physical isn’t far behind…

Monogamy seems to be a great “idea” but is it an idea that is grounded in reality? Is it feasible to believe that a person can only have sex with one person – their mate – from the time they say “I Do” until death do us part?