Jewcee Tales Erotic Chat – subs/slaves

A lot of Women have asked me in the modern day in age, how can one submit and be independent? What woman would want to be submissive let alone a slave to a man? How does this world work???
Well TONIGHT TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Join in the Adult Conversation as Mz. Jewcee welcomes a panel of subs/slaves to the airwaves to talk in depth about this topic in REAL TIME with REAL TALK!
Tuesday, February, 23, 2016
Show Time: 8pm (Pacific) ~ 9pm (Central) ~ 10pm (Eastern)
Call-in Number: 718-766-4343 – Press 1 if you have a comment and/or question for the Host or Co-Hosts.
You can also listen LIVE on any wireless device by clicking the link attached. NOTE: Your best Internet Browser for Blog Talk Radio is: Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on your wireless device)

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