Withholding Sex

There are a lot of women that believe that withholding sex from their partner as a form of punishment is a GOOD THING! Well I’m here to tell you…YOU’RE WRONG and STOP IT!

If your relationship has come down to “playing games” such as Take Away the Pussy – you really need to re-evaluate your relationship. Sex should not be used as some sort of “reward system” for getting your way. Your pussy should not be used as ransom for good behavior.

Women021314-National-FAQ-All-About-Prenuptial-Agreements-Prenuptial-Agreement-Cons don’t think about the irrefutable damage that they are doing to their OWN relationship when they decide to use sex as a pawn in a chess game. Quite frankly women that believe this is the way to get what they want from their partner are no better than a prostitute – a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. Sound a bit harsh, well it isn’t.  …and for the record “payment” doesn’t always mean cash money…

Let’s take this a step further, women that think that withholding sex to get their way is a form of abuse. It would fall under the category of emotional/psychological abuse. …sounds extreme for just holding out on sex, but passive aggressive behavior can fall into the category of abuse. It is not physical abuse and in some instances can cause more damage due to the fact that it uses psychological properties to bring about change.

Some women tend to “believe” that men don’t feel because men typically don’t show their emotions. Men can be hurt and hurt deeply especially by someone they love. When their affections are repeatedly rejected over what is usually a “minor” issue – in their minds, they learn quickly to adapt to their surroundings. They shut down as well and/or cheat.

Sex was not created to be used as a ‘bargaining chip’ to get your way. We all know that having sex can lead to having children which of course continues the human race. However, sex is more than that…so much more.

The intimacy we share at the moment of penetration – when we truly become one being. The closeness of lying next to our partner that allows our souls to mold a foundation of adoration. That feeling of wanting to please one another. The desire and passion being unleashed. The bond between two bodies. …just thinking about sex turns me on!

If you are having a disagreement or your partner is not seeing your point of view, then the three C’s ~ Clear Concise Communication is needed – not withholding sex to get your point across. Take time to talk to each other. Make sure that you have something to say – not nag – not complain – not find fault. A positive and productive approach to improving your relationship should be on the agenda. …at this point it is time to move forward and not go back and grab poor behaviors from the past. A sense of renewing and reinventing your bond should be a priority.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Have a PLAN to make your relationship stronger. Work together to improve what you have. No relationship is perfect. Trials and tribulations will come your way. It’s how you handle those tests with dignity, respect and LOVE that will keep your relationship foundation solid.

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