Ladies…Are We Still Sexually Repressed?

Mz. Jewcee has had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of women over the years. …discussions that probably only take place in a forum that is conducive to the women being able to speak freely and openly about sex. What Mz. Jewcee has discovered is, although we have come a long way with our sexual revolution, we still have a long way to go.

No mattetumblr_mgqolip9x11r33a3xo1_500r how hard we try as a gender to overcome the stigma’s that go along with being sexually active, the negative stereotypes still exist.  What Mz. Jewcee finds particularly interesting is, those stereotypes are more deep rooted with women then with men.

Even in today’s society double standards still prevail. Women still worry about what others will think of them should they feel the urge to express themselves sexually. From sleeping with a man on the first date to being in the porn industry, the negative rhetoric is as loud now as it was fifty years ago. …and it’s not necessarily coming from the men…

Mz. Jewcee wonders where the deep rooted distaste comes from. …and more importantly ~ why is it still around? Haven’t we come through the sexual revolution…burned our bra’s, taken back our femininity, fought for equal rights?  Yet a woman that knows her sexuality, has multiple partners and even enjoys sex – is ridiculed the hardest by women. She is shunned and defamed. She might as well put on the Scarlet Letter and be done with it.

Are we so far removed from ourselves that we take out our sexual frustrations on those that are sexually free? Do we invent words of degradation just to appease some moral standard that is only visible to those that chose to be blind to their sexual freedom? Are we envious of those that are able to express themselves sexually? Do we secretly wish that we were more like those women, but want to save face in front of a bigger audience? Are we so sexually repressed that we have forgotten that it Is human nature…and actually physically and mentally good for us to have a healthy and active sex life?

Some of these questions can only be answered by those that show disdain to those women that wish to pursue their sexual desires. Other answers come from our past.

Whatever the answer is…we as women need to take a break from bashing and belittling other women that have learned and enjoy their sexual wellbeing.  Instead of berating these sexually free creatures, possibly we need to sit back and observe in silence…

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