Lost Art of Intimacy

In a society full of FAST and INSTANT, we have forgotten the simple joys of a mutually satisfying sexual encounter. Guys are all about getting their dick wet – sticking it in – ramming it home. Girls are too self-absorbed in wanting that romantic moment. …this is where Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus comes into play…

There was a time when a one night stand – a quickie could be just as satisfying as a romantic001M06M8vZO rendezvous. However, in this day in age with so many people in it for themselves and not their partner, the art of intimacy is disappearing.

It is being replaced by callous unemotional detached sex. The art of communication which is a large part of foreplay has been thrown to the way side by electronic gadgets that simply don’t convey the passion that is needed in order to engage in a steamy affair.

Guys have become one dimensional and flaccid with their approach and women who are more aware then they have ever been about their own sexuality are becoming more and more discouraged with the lack of intimacy that men exhibit.

Men have become predictable and uninspiring. They are one dimensional in their approach. There is a lack of creativity. Many will say all this isn’t important, when actually it is very important even in a one night stand. Women are either too emotional or not emotional enough in order to derive pleasure from an encounter that has been planned.

If WE as a people have evolved, so has our art of lovemaking/sex. Even the one-night-stand game has changed. A chance encounter isn’t so chance any longer. We are more open as a people with our desires, but we still lack that fire ~ that unbridled passion.

Without that warm-up, without that anticipation, without that build-up, sex becomes just another thing to get out of the way. Let’s hurry up and get this over with. Let’s make this quick so we can get back to whatever we were doing to perpetuate the deterioration of our relationship. Let us not explore new ways of intimacy, because that would take up too much time. Let us not find new ways to please one another because that might require us to have an interest in your desires.

The next encounter you have, remember to listen to your partner. Not just with your ears, but with every part of your body. Being intimate is like fine tuning an instrument of desire. The more in tune the two of you are, the better the melody of amour!

4 thoughts on “Lost Art of Intimacy

  1. I love your post. Sex is about enjoyment and having this level of intimacy. America is afraid of the topic of sex, even talking about it to their teens. The double standard towards women when it comes to sex is played out and used to stop of from enjoyment. 😊 Nice post


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