We’re Just Strangers With Some Memories

We all go through relationship ups and downs. We break up, we make up and then we break up again ~ only to wonder where did it all go wrong. Questioning why I wasn’t present as my relationship fell apart  …or was I and I didn’t want to see what was happening.

Your internal struggle to make sense of the loss can go on for a short period of time or a long period of time – (this is when your friends and family step in and tell you to get over her/him).  It’s never quite that easy. …especially when you have invested time, energy, money and your heart.

Some relationships just become systematically boring over time  No matter how you attempt to spice it up, it is still mundane and passionless. Believe it or not, even the Best Sex can become boring when the routine and/or the passion is lost or the desire to be with your partner has vanished.

Some people watch their relationship die right before their eyes and have no more fight left to attempt to revive it. They let “nature” take its course. Some folks take the easy way out and simply walk away with no explanation. Either they don’t want to argue or they don’t want to be talked into giving a passionless relationship another chance.

When you feel that you’re not friends, you’re not enemies ~ you’re just strangers with some memories it is time to move on. It takes some of us longer than others to realize this transition, but once we do, returning to the mundane is not an option. …and that is ok.

You need to be happy within the confines of your relationship. People do grow a part. There is nothing wrong with Loving yourself first. Especially when you don’t feel that Love from your partner. 

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