Just Breathe

Not everyone is able to put what they think or feel into words. Especially when it comes to liking someone. We get all tongue tied and can’t think straight. The simplest of phrases sounds silly when it comes across our lips. The heart races and the brain seems to slow down. The body moves awkwardly and you’re at a loss for common sense.

Some people just do that to us! Make us out of sorts. Make us doubt ourselves. Make us want to go somewhere and hide when they walk in the room.


I was told once by a Mentor to, “Just breathe.” Such a simply act, but such a huge result. You see, breathing allows you to clear your mind, calm your nerves and most importantly – not pass out! When you meet someone that you like or you’re interested in, we tend to breathe more rapidly causing us to be more excited than normal.

I use this technique often ~ because I can get myself all excited to the point of not being able to put together a rational sentence…lol. When I speak in front of a group or I meet someone that intrigues me for the very first time. I can still get a bit flustered. …even when I fill overwhelmed by my day, I take time to JUST BREATHE.

Next time you feel a little out of sorts, unsure of your next move or what to say, take in that deep breath and let it out. Clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. You will see that your words will flow and your nervousness will start to subside.