VoyageOhio Magazine Interview 2022

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mz. JewCee Tales.  

Mz. JewCee – Founder JewCee Boutique &
Erotic Advisor/Sexuality Coach

Hi Mz. JewCee, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I started in the business of selling lingerie to make extra money for my family. I became a single mother after divorcing from my husband and simply needed extra income.

I discovered that I was good at talking about lingerie – the material it was made from, how to look at the seams of the garment to make sure you’re getting a quality piece and how the lingerie feels against your skin. As I got more comfortable with doing in-home shopping parties, my parties got longer in time and increased in revenue!

With my daughter in tow, my business was really beginning to take off, however it was also taking a bit of a toll on my daughter. I can recall one show where the guests and myself had to look for my daughter. We were having such a GREAT time – the ladies got to try-on sample pieces – that we lost track of the time. After looking high and low for her, we found her asleep at the bottom of the portable lingerie rack. At the time I did not always have a sitter for my daughter and the late nights were taking a toll on her. Unfortunately, I had to stop with the home shopping parties.

When I decided to come back to the business a second time, my daughter was older and once again I needed extra money. I had missed the interaction and the ability to make women feel good about themselves in lingerie. After a few more years, I took another break. …simply had a lot on my plate. At that time, I was not thinking of making this ‘business’ my full-time career. I had a mindset that was set by my parents – you know the one that said you work a 8 am – 5 pm job until death do you part.

However, before I left for the second time, I put together the largest Leather & Lace Lingerie Show in our area. Combining several agents and a Leather store in our area! The Event was a HIT! …and I needed time to regroup. I felt like I had done all I could do with the lingerie business. I felt like I hit a stone wall…

One day as I was thinking about another source of income, I found out that the once only lingerie organization had expanded their product line to include Adult Toys and Spa Products! This felt more like my cup of tea! More products, more variety. Now this was going to be fun!

I could combine my Health Education/Sex Education mindset with selling adult toys. My mind was on such a high as I called and found out what I needed to do to return to the company once again.

I spoke to friends to get their thoughts and to see if they were interested in hosting a home shopping party – a Girls Night In. I quickly found out that “interested” was an understatement. The bookings came easily – even though my first Home Shopping Party was an audience of one person, my next-door neighbor, we had a great time.  All was not lost, because I did my presentation anyway for just her. I got my feet wet selling toys. The rest as they say, was history!

My small business for extra money was doing well. As fate would have it, during this time I was involved in a life-changing car accident. …the last reason why I had to put my business on hold. By now I had realized that I had found my niche. I wanted to turn this into a full-time business but could see that being a consultant for another company simply wasn’t the way for me.

After my recovery, I went back to the business for the final time with this company. I got an unexpected phone call that totally changed my perspective on this business. I was welcomed back by the Owner of the company. She actually called me from Hawaii! …something I will never forgot. To me, it meant that not only had I been noticed, but I was doing a good job. That call changed my entire perspective. I knew what I needed to do, but quite honestly, I was hesitant. Sometimes we stick with what is familiar. We are afraid to step out on faith and our own abilities. In a lot of ways, I was what I was raised to be and I wasn’t happy. Something was missing…

I was with Undercover Wear off and on for 25 years. I learned so much about the business from being a consultant for them. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to represent Undercover Wear.

I’ve learned that ‘life’ happens when you least expect it. My ‘day job’ (at this time I still was not ‘totally’ thinking like an entrepreneur) moved me to another state. I had 6 weeks to pack up and move. I sold the last of my inventory to a friend and off to my ‘new’ life I went – still holding on to an antiquated idea of what a J O B is supposed to be. …but there was something brewing deep down inside of me. The 8am – 5pm world had changed over the years. Large companies were no longer loyal to employee’s that had been with them for years. But at the time I did not dare break the cycle, because I needed that steady income. After all, selling Adult Toys/Novelties and Lingerie was just a hobby…or was there more that I could do…

The move took me out of my comfort zone and after three years – the move changed my life for good. You see, I was NEVER doing what I truly was passionate about. Now I ‘was” an excellent Administrative/Executive Assistant, but it really wasn’t my passion. …it was my mother’s idea of keeping a roof over my head and providing for my daughter.  My job paid well, but it wasn’t fulfilling. After a while I found it difficult to get up and go to this job. I went into an office where everyone was miserable.

It took losing this J O B for the second time (I was laid off the first time after being at the company for 10 years) for me to realize my true PASSION. If I’m truthful, losing my job was a relief. It was like a heavy burden had been lifted off of me. I discovered that I had started to resent going to work for someone else. Deep down I wanted to have my own…

I LOVE to talk about sex. I LOVE to Empower Women Sensually. I LOVE to sell Adult Toys/Novelties and Lingerie – why not do this full time…hmmm. Now there’s an idea. …but I did not want to go back to my old company, I wanted to go beyond them. I had the knowledge and foundation. I discovered that although a wonderful company the product line was limited.

Adult Toys come in all sorts of colors and sizes. They are forever evolving and improving. My clientele was mostly people of color (POC) – not a lot of representation – i.e.: Brown & Black dildos. When I ventured out on my own, I found bullets in every color, not just one color. …crazy thing is women LOVE to buy products in their favorite color!

JewCee Boutique was born. Born out of necessity. Forged in the knowledge that I had obtained from doing Events, Home Shopping Parties, and Vending Opportunities. I invested in my own business. My sexual health knowledge only added to my presentations. I discovered that this is my Niche!

JewCee Boutique is a non-judgmental business. From ‘vanillia’ to kink we carry something for everyone – and if you don’t see it, we will try to find it for you. When I started in this business, adult toys used C and D batteries – now their wireless and use apps to operate the toy from the other side of the world – for you travelers.

Adult Toys do more than just vibrate, they can aid that woman that has low libido – teach her what stimulates and arouses her through self-pleasuring. They can aid a male that is suffering from ED (Erectile Disfunction) – by increasing blood flow and/or exercising the ‘muscle’ which is the penis. Positions aids can help a person with a bad back get in the optimum position without a lot of pain. For couples that want to add a little spice, Adult Toys can keep the fire and desire burning. …from BDSM to Kink to Games ~ JewCee Boutique has a little something for everyone.

Presently I’m back in my home state. Starting by business over and expanding it virtually at the same time. My ‘faithful” clients and my ability to travel for Events allow me to reach new customers. I have continued my education as my business is Double Certified as a Sexual Health Resource and I am completing in 2022 becoming a Sexuality Coach.

I’ve taken my passion and turned it into something I love to do. My thirst to learn and educate keeps me going. My ability to talk about sex easily is my gift. I enjoy making people feel comfortable about speaking on a topic that we all must speak on at some time in our lives in some shape, form, or fashion.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point and there is so much more to Mz. JewCee’s story than what is written here. What I can tell you is this: Once you find your passion ~ NEVER LET IT GO! 

Enjoy ~ Enlighten ~ Embrace ~ Eroticism 

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
No, the road has not been smooth. A lot of ups and downs come with becoming an entrepreneur. A lot of doubt and sacrifice. A lot of unknowns as well. The biggest hurdle for me would be, letting go of my old mindset and embracing a new one.  Whereas at the J O B, I was done at 5pm, being a business owner means 24/7. If you don’t work, you don’t make money…pretty simple thought process.

The business that I have chosen to pursue also has its challenges. A lot of us are in a ‘sexual box’ that someone else built for us. We have adopted the attitudes of family members, religious and government leaders, and outside influences that we may or may or may not be aware of.

Generally, we have been taught that sex is ‘bad’ until you reach a certain age. Changing my thought process and un-programming myself to give better and sounder advice to those that are trying to understand their own sexuality has also been a challenge.

Even now as I write this, there is so much that I want to say regarding the challenges I and other women face when it comes to sex, but simply put – it would take more than this article to address all that is incomplete with our Sexual Health/Education in the country. Antiquated thought processes hold back so many from pleasure and simply being their authentic selves.

I have made the conscious decision to leave behind my ‘vanilla’ life and embrace a more open attitude towards sex. This is an entire world for me with many arousing layers. Layers that were never told to me, yet because I was open to learning, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore.

Overcoming stigmas and preconceived notions is the biggest challenge. My concept: The 3 C’s – Clear – Concise – Communication allows me the ability to sit down and talk to people that want to learn more about what I do and how I got to where I am now in my Erotic Life. There are so many people that need this information.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about JewCee Boutique?
JewCee Boutique is an online, home shopping party, vending opportunity business that sells Adult Toys/Novelties and Lingerie. We have over 200,000+ items to choose from. At JewCee Boutique – Mz. JewCee believes that “Sex should be fun!” JewCee Boutique is a NON-JUDGEMENT Zone business.

What sets us apart from other business is our variety of products. We provide Erotic Excellence and Education. We believe in Enhancing the Romance. We are a Double Certified Sexual Health Resource. 

We are most proud of our Certifications. We are always striving to learn and know more about our products and the latest trends in adult toys so that we can  pass this information on to our clients.

You can book JewCee Boutique for Home Shopping Parties. We TRAVEL and set up for any type of event – and yes, we can put away the dildos and show our ‘softer’ side when needed. We are available for classes and trainings. Couples Retreats. We are not a ‘cookie cutter’ company and when it comes to your ‘playtime’ it is not one-size-fits-all. We listen to your needs and tailor a solution just for you.

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?
I define success by how many people I can touch with knowledge. I LOVE Empowering women to embrace their sensuality and sexuality. If I can assist someone in enjoying who they truly are, then I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.

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