Orgasms ~ At Least 11 Different Types

It is TRULY unfortunate that a majority of females are not aware of the pleasure that they are capable of having. ..and as for some of their partners, well let’s just say that ‘Clueless’ wasn’t just a hit movie…

The importance of knowing our bodies has been left up to our own devices and lets just be honest, most of us only know the basics. We are not willing to delve deeper into our pleasure chamber to find the treasures that await us. We are content with the bare minimum. Mz. JewCee is not content and she doesn’t believe that you should be either!

Mz. JewCee is here to assist you in DIVING DEEPER to find ALL the Pleasure Treasure you can! Over the next serval weeks, Mz. JewCee will break down the various types of orgasms. Hopefully some of you will be able to either experience these orgasms or at the very least recognize that you are not just simply having 1 type of orgasm. You will discover that you too can have a multitude of pleasurable orgasms!

The more you know how your body works the more pleasure you can explore ~ the more fulfilling your sexual experience will become!

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