I Chose Erotica and IT Chose Me!

Maybe it was because Mz. Jewcee in Junior High was placed in the Health Teachers homeroom from 7th Grade to 9th Grade. Was it the easy way that Mr. Fellers spoke about sex to a bunch of teenagers with raging hormones? Was it the GIANT poster on our homeroom wall that showed the progression of the human body for a Man and a Woman? Was it when Mz. Jewcee finally sat down with her Mother to have the “TALK” only to realize that she knew more about sex from an educational point of view then her own Mother who was an Educator? Was it finding her Father’s “secret stash” of Porn Magazines? Was it when she watched her friends become teenage Mothers and the guys that made them that way – leave them stranded, broken and alone to raise a child by themselves?  Was it the “alone time” she discovered as her body changed and her clit became the center of her Universe? Was it the secret kisses of a High School Boyfriend – who knew how to give a kiss…?


Whenever it was…Mz. Jewcee took it ALL in.  It wasn’t until she was older that she realized just how ‘different’ she was.  She saw things Erotically.  Long gone from the product of the 60’s where sex was still a chore and duty to be performed to have children and please her man. As difficult as it was for her…she saved herself for the man she would marry and ultimately divorce. She was lost for a moment in the mess and muck of betrayal. She abandoned ‘love’ replaced by ‘lust’ and then replaced by ‘primal instinct’ to be satisfied. …but she wasn’t…

She was bored by those that “proclaimed” they could make her heart happy and her clit satisfied. Oh…she found a few along the path of ‘fill-in sex partners’ that could take her to a higher limit for a few…but they could not sustain her appetite. She found herself holding back and EASILY  being able to do so. She denied herself the ultimate in satisfaction (at the time) The Orgasm.

Soon she tired of these tedious – unlearning – unsexually educated men and started to wonder what was wrong with her? Why wasn’t their efforts enough to please her and keep her interested? What was missing?

She found herself with her 1st Dom. A man til this day she is grateful for having in her life, for He made her realize that there was more to sex then the physical aspect – which was missing from some of her “best” – “better than the last guy” suitors.  With His help, she discovered the Lifestyle!

The Lifestyle changed EVERTHING! It allowed Mz. Jewcee’s Erotic side to come out! Gone was the feeling of loss and “I don’t belong”. Found was the excitement to explore more about my sexual being and being able to Teach a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

Arrive ~ Mz. Jewcee has! Spreading Erotica to anyone that will listen and who wants to expand the Sexual Horizons!

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