Eat Out

You walk into the house and smell a wonderful aroma.  Dinner is almost done.  You’ve had a long day and you just want to relax…

My back is to you when you enter the kitchen.  I’m busy making sure that everything is perfect for your feast. The Middle Topsurround sound is playing in the background.  The sound of jazz is soothing away the stress of the day. A glass of wine finds my lips.

I’m startled as you walk up behind me and slip your arms around my waist.  Pulling me close to you, you take in the scent of my hair and I can feel a familiar sensation taking over my womanhood.  You’re the only man that arouses me with the slightest touch.

I relax in your arms, my head on your chest.  Your manhood rises as I move my ass rhythmically to the music.  One hand releases my waist and lifts the hem of my dress as the other hand unfastens your pants.

You’re pleased to find that I’m not wearing anything to impede your progress…   A smack on my bare ass and a moan of approval in my ear lets me know that I’ve pleased you.  Your hands glide over my roundness as I close my eyes and enjoy your touch.

Without hesitation I bend forward, as you slide your hard dick into my awaiting pussy.  A gasp of pure ecstasy escapes my lips as your dick slides in with ease…

…another burnt dinner…I guess we’ll have to eat out! ©