This word plays a major roll in my life. The term itself rolls off my lips like an old friend. The meaning of the word invokes a feeling of pleasure beyond the normal. It takes what could be considered ordinary to extraordinary!

…and the bes001E054VKMbt part about Eroticism is ~ it does not have to be all about SEX! …oh sure, when executed to perfection and even some imperfect moments, it can lead to some of the most EARTH SHATTERING sex on this planet…! …but you have to get to that point first!

Eroticism is the the building blocks you need to improve a sex life that has become routine. It’s that SPARK that you need to rekindle that fire called PASSION. It’s that missing ingredient you need to allow desire to flow fully.

Anticipation, arousal, excitement should all be a apart of your Erotic Encounter and those elements are embedded in Eroticism. 

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