Why Use A Butt Plug?

Mz. Jewcee’s Erotic Empire continues to grow, because EDUCATION is key to unleashing your inhibitions. Mz. Jewcee understands that ‘some’ topics are a bit uncomfortable to talk about even to this day. So many myths and misinformation floating around, many people miss out on their own pleasure.  Either they have tried a sexual experience once and it was not pleasurable…so they never tried again or they have never tried a sexual experience because someone else has “told” them it’s bad and/or not the right thing to do.

…so when will we learn to try something more than one time and make adjustments to make it work for our situation? Mz. Jewcee has said this before…and will say it again, WE HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN OUR BEDROOMS!

Keep the FIRE in your relationship by trying something to spice it up! …after all…your relationship is what YOU make it!  …with that said…below is a very basic, but informative video that was sent to me all the way from across the pond!  (Mz. Jewcee LOVES the fact that she is becoming an International Sensation! ~ who knew)

Thank you Elizabeth Morris of Carvaka Sex Toys for reaching out to Mz. Jewcee!

3 thoughts on “Why Use A Butt Plug?

  1. Butt plugs can be just as pleasurable to men as women. If you can get it to apply the right pressure on the prostate. Wonderful.


  2. That was an old reply and I have been away for a while and can say that I have learned much more on the prostate stimulation and wearing or using a plug or other devices.


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