Being Comfortable in Your Own Erotic Skin

Being comfortable in your own Erotic Skin is imperative. Allowing yourself the freedom to choose sexually just how Sensual & Sexy you wish to be is a joy to behold!

I meet so many people that are so worried about what other people will think, that they miss out on moments in time that could improve their relationships. I’ve also met so many people that have been controlled and contained within someone else’s box of what sex sDSC07655-1hould be that they have lost their Erotic way! …from when to have sex to what positions to have sex in – to what to enjoy sexually. Every aspect of their sexual being is REALLY controlled by someone else’s opinion. …and some don’t even realize it.

When I sit down and talk to women in particular about why they won’t try anal sex or a threesome or give head – I pretty much know the answer that they are about to give and how that answer developed in their mind.  It is obvious in our conversation that they have been “told” by either a close friend or a family member that whatever they are about to embark in is “nasty”, painful, or simply just frowned upon. …because OF COURSE these folks have TRIED EVERYTHING!  …yeah right…

Simply put, they have allowed someone else – who by the way has not even tried any of the above mentioned scenarios, but have a negative ‘opinion’ about them – to dictate how awful it would be to even “try” any of the acts of pleasure. It always amazes me how quickly these ladies take on the views of someone else without even seeing for themselves what they are missing.

I travel around dispelling rumors and innuendo with regards to sex in an attempt to allow people to step out of their sexual box that someone else has created for them. What amazes me is, so many people have the same “hang-ups” when it comes to sex and for the same reason…someone “told” them this was bad.

I was taught to: Open the book and read it for myself. …and my favorite: An opinion is like an asshole, everyone has one. …so how do we get out of the confinement of the sexual box that someone else built?

Well the first step is to know that you’re in that box. If you’re not fulfilled, if you feel that something is missing, if you want to try new erotic adventures – GO FOR IT! Do your own research. Find like-minded people. Step out and away from that box. Allow yourself to breathe in the aroma of sexuality. Close your eyes and visualize yourself being enlightened. Explore new positions and the various realms of the Lifestyle.

…this is not to say that you will like everything you try Erotically, but at least you will have formed your own opinion and taken that step of being comfortable in your own Erotic Skin.

2 thoughts on “Being Comfortable in Your Own Erotic Skin

  1. Thank you for using my Picture in your Blog, right now I Am working on Myself to be more comfortable for the World to see because of the Brand I Have. At times it’s difficult because I do wonder what people may say but now I Really Don’t give a Fuck, because what they are about to see is going to Blow their Fuckin Mind. Thank you this Blog is Everything!!!!! Love you!!!!!


    1. When I saw your picture…it is one of the things that brought me to write this Blog. The outfit and how stunning you looked and at ease… the fact that it fit you like your very own skin…your Erotic vibe while wearing it…it inspired me to write this piece and to tell people it is ok to feel comfortable in your Erotic Skin. Being sensual and sexy is a MUST! Your photo helped to bring this Blog to LIFE! …so I THANK YOU!


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